December 24, 2009

Big Sean - Gettin’ out his Dreams

Next up is Kanye prodigy Big Sean who has been making a name for himself through some dope collaborations. One of the newer artists on Kanye’s label G.O.O.D Music Big Sean has released two mix tapes both featuring some sick tracks. His 2009 mix tape “ U Know Big Sean” features some tracks that show his love for classic Hip-Hop while also bringin’ in the new school. Reppin’ some Geto Boy’s beats like “Mind Playin Tricks on Me” this 21 year old puts his own lyrical abilities on the track, giving classic Hip-Hop lovers some hope. While making sure the classics don’t die, Big Sean also laces up some easy listenin’ tracks like “Who Knows” feat Mike Posner. This kid seems pretty legit jumping on this 09’ binge of sick Hip-Hop and who knows maybe he can convince Kanye to give the auto-tune a rest in 2010 and make good music again. 
His CD is slated for release in 2010 so max out to some of these tracks till then

Who Knows Feat Mike Posner 

for the old school hip-hop fan... Mind Playing Tricks On Me

For the Ladies... wait a minute for Big Sean to rip it...Love Story feat Keely 

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