December 19, 2009

THe Hip-Hop Utility Belt...Mike Posner

First up on my musical litigations is hip-hop hook mastermind Mike Posner. This kid has been spitting out the dirtiest hooks with a unique sound. His sophomore mix-tape “One Foot Out” features ridiculous club beats with out losing its hip-hop elements. Not only does Mike Posner’s music feature hard hitting club songs like “Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix)”but this Duke University student also ensures infectious hip hop tracks. “Bring Me Down ft. Big Sean & Freddie Gibbs” features Kanye prodigy Big Sean who spits a nasty verse to complement Posner’s undeniably catchy hooks. With all of these new up and coming artists sending out there music for free over the wonderful Internet it has made for some great collaborations. This mix tape features Mike testing his skills by re-working electro songs such as Miami Horror’s “Sometimes”. Posner’s “You Don’t Have to Leave” uses the Australian electro beat while putting his own unique flow on the track. This mix tape pretty much depicts Mike Posner as a hip-hop utility belt. This kid does every thing from John Mayer covers to working with popular British Indie band The xx so keep bumping what you have from Posner now but don’t expect this college kid to drop out the music scene any time soon…straight goods. 

Posner’s sophmore mix tape is available on his myspace page for free… show him some love

Check out his songs here,

Cooler than me (Gigamesh Remix):

You Don't Have to Leave:

Bring Me Down (ft Big Sean, Freddie G):

Remix of John Mayers "I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You":

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