December 20, 2009

Resuscitating Southern Rap... Introducing B.o.B

“Well as your listenin to this track, your probably about to blog about it maybe say its whack, or maybe compare the versus to see which one of us is nap, completely ignoring the fact that this is way more than rap”
 He had it right… I am gonna blog about it but there’s nothing whack about Atlanta, Georgia’s B.o.B. This southern rapper represents the 90’s hip hop fan in all of us mixing philthy Outkast like flow with catchy beats and infectious hooks. With the 2009 revitalization of hip hop Artists like B.o.B have been rocking out to electronic influenced beats with legit rhyming. His new single “Nothing on you” features Bruno Mars spitttin a Ne-Yo like hook with Bobby Ray throwing down verses that sound like 3000 and Big Boi in their prime. The first time I heard “Ill be in the Sky” I was instantly hooked on this 21-year-old kids upbeat flow that is released Oh so smoothly. “Nothing on you” has been released as his single while “I’ll be in the Sky” is featured on the Who the Fuck is B.o.B mix tape. B.o.B delivers us some real hip-hop in 09, which forces the verdict to be more Bobby Ray in 2010… straight goods. 

B.o.B- I'll be in the Sky   

B.o.B feat Bruno Mars- Nothing on you 

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