December 30, 2009

Seattle raining down some more Hip-Hop… The Blue Scholars

Rockin it out of Seattle, Washington “The Blue Scholars” have embarked on a mission to make rap music enjoyable to the average listener. There’s obviously some sort of political stand behind their music but the Blue Scholars simply make for some easy listening. The group is composed of two members: the DJ/ Producer Sabzi and emcee Geo. Sabzi is actually a classically trained pianist who mixes upbeat Ska beats with Geo’s smooth flow. The release of their OOF! EP delivers us some chilled out tracks that will make you forget its snowing outside. Along with some easy listening the group gives us an infectious upbeat track in “New People”. Here’s a couple of the tracks but the CD itself gives you six solid tracks and the instrumentals of each, Support the Blue Scholars so they can make us more music in 2010…Straight Goods

Every song of this CD is legit, the rest is available at:

Cruz- Blue Scholars

New People- Blue Scholars

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