January 31, 2010

Hip Hop ain't dead, its up North with Class

The writers of Straight Goods got the chance to see one of our favorite Canadian Hip Hop MC-Producers; Classified at his McMaster University show on Friday. London, Ontario Hip Hop duo Two Crown King did a nice job opening up for Classified. I just checked out their Myspace and I liked what I heard, give a listen: http://www.myspace.com/twocrownking. After Two Crown King's set finished, Classified came out from backstage and blew the show out of the water, playing a nice balance of new stuff off his 09 release Self Explanatory, and managing to fit in all of his classics.

With the Vancouver Olympics fast approaching, Canadians are feeling more patriotic by the day and Class's song Oh-Canada off Self Explanatory fits the mood perfectly:

Off the same album, Quit While You're Ahead features some a few of the longtime Canadian hip hop heavyweights Choclair, Maestro Fresh-Wes and Moka Only

January 27, 2010


"My man Thurz stays with the latest hats & kicks. I stay in thrift shops putting together $20 outfits & still walk the Red Carpet"

Throughout my recent ventures to find good new Hip-Hop this journey has some how lead me to music i would not normally listen too. Although i've opened my ears to Electro based Hip-Hop and them sick white boys from Seattle, i've recently came across a group that seems closer to the Hip-Hop i grew up on. I recently stumbled upon Inglewood based duo U-N-I, composed of rappers YO! and Thurz who complement each other's different styles by adding so many different elements of Hip-Hop. Coming from the land of Gangsta rap these two use sick kick drums with sped up melodies that break them out of Inglewood's notorious music mold. As a big "Kidz in the Hall" fan I see these guys developing towards that knowledge based fun lovin' Hip-Hop. There Mixtape was released a while ago but I couldn't ignore their single "Land of The Kings". Don't let the home town turn you off these guys are spitting legit rhymes that have nothing to do with bitches and hoes.

The main the reason for posting this now is the fact that they have a brand new mix tape coming out in less than a month. so heres a little preview of what you can expect from this smooth talking duo. "The Love Supreme 2.0" will be released at the end of Feb so look out for some sick Hip-Hop in 2010.

Land of the Kings-U-N-I

January 24, 2010

"Yeah, I'm here, Super duper dooder-cud"

I may not be the first to blog about Cudi, but I just can't get enough of the Kid from Cleveland. His stoner's anthem "Day N Night" blasted him into the mainstream music scene in 2008, and his debut CD, Man On The Moon: End of Day kept him in the limelight throughout 2009. Cudder is a knockout, on and off the stage...just ask the guy he punched out in Vancouver. Something about his causal, 'same jeans, same ol' converse' persona that makes him so contagious. Usually newcomers like Cudi have trouble keeping it fresh, but he's kept his momentum with a few cudderific tracks as of late. First up is 'cudderisback', a reminder to fans that he's not goin anywhere. The track has a steady flow and with Vampire Weekend on the hook, it's hard not to feel it. Next is "symphonies" by Dan Black feat Cudi. The song uses Rihanna's 'Umbrella' drum kick but transforms it into a soothing, 'nod your head' vibe. Enough said, I'll let that tracks do the talking... all you need to know is Kid Cudi isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Kid Cudi- Cudderishback ft. Vampire Weekend

Dan Black- Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi

Theophilus London..Helping Electro-Rap Break Through In 2010

With 90's revolution of electro rap, artists like Theophilus London have started to make names for themselves in several different genres of music. With their crazy techno synths and surprising elements of hip-hop appearing in their music, Artists like Theophilus and Cudi have seen continued success. This experimental electro rap intrigues my ears as London delivers us Cudi like vocals/rap with club bumpin' beats often mixed by Alexander Aldi who has worked extensively with Passion Pit and others.

I'm pretty late on finding Theophilus but with his recent release of "HumDrum Town" he has been gaining even more popularity. This re-working of Futurecop's hit NASA features Theophilus adding a catchy chorus with some nice versus, making the song an instant hit. tracks such as these have seen Theophilus be regarded as potentially being one of 2010's most successful artist. i might be a little late on the Theophilus band wagon but i could not ignore his teaming up with Beyonce's little sis Solange on the remix of her track "Sandcastles". The track shows Theophilus' flow along with a dirty electro remix featuring Solange's sexy voice. Get ready for more Theophilus London is 2010 and the popularity of this electro/rap scene. His 2008 mix tape "JAM!" and 2009 release "The Charming Mixtape" are available on his myspace along with the single "HumDrum Town".

Theophilus London-HumDrum Town

Theophilus London Feat Solange Knowles- Sand Castles

January 18, 2010

"Ain't Nothin Phony Yep Yep You Know Me"... Real Talk From Grynch and Seattle

The search for good Hip-Hop today is often clouded by rappers wearing extra large T-shirts, making up dances to go with their music or spitting out auto tuned singles in their moms basement like an assembly line… beyond all that there seems to be an emerging Hip-Hop scene coming out of Seattle, Washington. Most of these guys look like they should be doing your taxes but release legitimate Hip-Hop. One Artist that has Recently caught my ear is Grynch. This 21 year old has released a couple of mix tapes the most recent being the Chemistry EP. This EP Features some great tracks along with collaborations with fellow Seattle stars RA Scion of Common Market and Geologic of The Blue Scholars along with One Be Lo of Binary Star. Grynch comes at you with none threatening tracks that allow you to see what he’s all about through his music. If you’re a Hip-Hop fan enjoy yourself with Grynch and hope theirs more to come… you can go to his myspace to support him, do so if you like what you’re here.


Grynch- You Know Me (Feat. RA Scion)

Grynch- Chemistry (Feat. One Be Lo)

Grynch- Smoke And Mirrors (Feat. Tunji & Geologic) (Bonus Track)

January 16, 2010

Talk about it

Today’s fresh tracks to listen to are from Electronica trio, Hey Champ. This trio from the Midwest has been recently opening up for Lupe Fiasco, and their hit song cold dust girl is being heard in clubs all over the globe.

Throw this in your ears.

Cold Dust Girl – Hey Champ

What You Need (Hey Champ Remix) - Priors

We Are Champions (Hey Champ Remix) – Cool Kids

January 15, 2010

Wiz Khalifa- Deal or no Deal

Comin out of Pittsberg Wiz Khalifa's been dropping some serious tracks. With his new album Deal or no Deal and his various mixtapes, he's been doing work on some real top beats.

This Plane - Wiz Khalifa

The Thrill (Feat Empire of the Sun) - Wiz Khalifa

January 14, 2010

Jurassic 5 goes solo: Portable Payback and Chali 2na

I Recently stumbled upon this track from former Jurassic 5 founders Soup and Mark7. The two have formed a group called Portable Payback and have teased J5 fans ears with their release “Relax”. The two realized their creative compatibility when they ripped it on “High Fidelity” from J5’s hit album Power in Numbers. The CD it self bothers me for one reason… they use autotune… who woulda’ thunk it J5 and autotune… what’s the world coming to. Other than that minor music miscue “relax” and the Bigg John remix are dope tracks. Soup and Mark7 aren’t the only J5 members that have been busy as of late, Chali 2na recently released a solo CD entitled “Fresh Outta Water”. The single “Lock Shit Down” Feat Talib Kweli features a sick video with a simple beat for Chali and Talib to spit their classic Hip-Hop flow over. J5 gave us some sick music over the past decades so show them some love by going to Itunes and buying some albums.

Neither acts can be compared to the greatness of Jurassic 5 but show your respect and bump these tracks:

Portable Payback- Relax

Chali 2na- Lock Shit Down Feat Talib Kweli Video

January 10, 2010

Ignore The Accents And Jam Out With Some Aussies...Pez

Just like Canada them white boys from the land down under have been fighting there way onto Hip-Hop radars. Not to jump on the bandwagon but some of these kids have nasty flow mixed with some chillen’ summer day beats. At the moment I’ve been lovin’ this kid from Melbourne named Pez. His single “The Festival Song” feat 360 instantly grabbed my attention. The song features a re-working of Atmospheres beat for “Yesterday” which is just as dope with Pez’s catchy summer day themed lyrics. Beyond these revitalizing summer tracks Pez also serves up some expressive tracks like “Speak out” that that are delivered with some inspiring lyrics. Canada and Australia may differ in climate but as of late both countries have established dope Hip-Hop Scenes. Just like the industry engulfed itself in the Drake craze, these skinny jean wearin’ kids with Australian accents are next up for hip-hop stardom.

You can get more of their music on their myspace
Get over the accent bump these tracks for now:

Pez- The Festival song

Pez-Speak Out

Pez- This Sound