January 18, 2010

"Ain't Nothin Phony Yep Yep You Know Me"... Real Talk From Grynch and Seattle

The search for good Hip-Hop today is often clouded by rappers wearing extra large T-shirts, making up dances to go with their music or spitting out auto tuned singles in their moms basement like an assembly line… beyond all that there seems to be an emerging Hip-Hop scene coming out of Seattle, Washington. Most of these guys look like they should be doing your taxes but release legitimate Hip-Hop. One Artist that has Recently caught my ear is Grynch. This 21 year old has released a couple of mix tapes the most recent being the Chemistry EP. This EP Features some great tracks along with collaborations with fellow Seattle stars RA Scion of Common Market and Geologic of The Blue Scholars along with One Be Lo of Binary Star. Grynch comes at you with none threatening tracks that allow you to see what he’s all about through his music. If you’re a Hip-Hop fan enjoy yourself with Grynch and hope theirs more to come… you can go to his myspace to support him, do so if you like what you’re here.


Grynch- You Know Me (Feat. RA Scion)

Grynch- Chemistry (Feat. One Be Lo)

Grynch- Smoke And Mirrors (Feat. Tunji & Geologic) (Bonus Track)

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