January 24, 2010

Theophilus London..Helping Electro-Rap Break Through In 2010

With 90's revolution of electro rap, artists like Theophilus London have started to make names for themselves in several different genres of music. With their crazy techno synths and surprising elements of hip-hop appearing in their music, Artists like Theophilus and Cudi have seen continued success. This experimental electro rap intrigues my ears as London delivers us Cudi like vocals/rap with club bumpin' beats often mixed by Alexander Aldi who has worked extensively with Passion Pit and others.

I'm pretty late on finding Theophilus but with his recent release of "HumDrum Town" he has been gaining even more popularity. This re-working of Futurecop's hit NASA features Theophilus adding a catchy chorus with some nice versus, making the song an instant hit. tracks such as these have seen Theophilus be regarded as potentially being one of 2010's most successful artist. i might be a little late on the Theophilus band wagon but i could not ignore his teaming up with Beyonce's little sis Solange on the remix of her track "Sandcastles". The track shows Theophilus' flow along with a dirty electro remix featuring Solange's sexy voice. Get ready for more Theophilus London is 2010 and the popularity of this electro/rap scene. His 2008 mix tape "JAM!" and 2009 release "The Charming Mixtape" are available on his myspace along with the single "HumDrum Town".

Theophilus London-HumDrum Town

Theophilus London Feat Solange Knowles- Sand Castles

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