January 10, 2010

Ignore The Accents And Jam Out With Some Aussies...Pez

Just like Canada them white boys from the land down under have been fighting there way onto Hip-Hop radars. Not to jump on the bandwagon but some of these kids have nasty flow mixed with some chillen’ summer day beats. At the moment I’ve been lovin’ this kid from Melbourne named Pez. His single “The Festival Song” feat 360 instantly grabbed my attention. The song features a re-working of Atmospheres beat for “Yesterday” which is just as dope with Pez’s catchy summer day themed lyrics. Beyond these revitalizing summer tracks Pez also serves up some expressive tracks like “Speak out” that that are delivered with some inspiring lyrics. Canada and Australia may differ in climate but as of late both countries have established dope Hip-Hop Scenes. Just like the industry engulfed itself in the Drake craze, these skinny jean wearin’ kids with Australian accents are next up for hip-hop stardom.

You can get more of their music on their myspace
Get over the accent bump these tracks for now:

Pez- The Festival song

Pez-Speak Out

Pez- This Sound

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