January 14, 2010

Jurassic 5 goes solo: Portable Payback and Chali 2na

I Recently stumbled upon this track from former Jurassic 5 founders Soup and Mark7. The two have formed a group called Portable Payback and have teased J5 fans ears with their release “Relax”. The two realized their creative compatibility when they ripped it on “High Fidelity” from J5’s hit album Power in Numbers. The CD it self bothers me for one reason… they use autotune… who woulda’ thunk it J5 and autotune… what’s the world coming to. Other than that minor music miscue “relax” and the Bigg John remix are dope tracks. Soup and Mark7 aren’t the only J5 members that have been busy as of late, Chali 2na recently released a solo CD entitled “Fresh Outta Water”. The single “Lock Shit Down” Feat Talib Kweli features a sick video with a simple beat for Chali and Talib to spit their classic Hip-Hop flow over. J5 gave us some sick music over the past decades so show them some love by going to Itunes and buying some albums.

Neither acts can be compared to the greatness of Jurassic 5 but show your respect and bump these tracks:

Portable Payback- Relax

Chali 2na- Lock Shit Down Feat Talib Kweli Video

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