January 27, 2010


"My man Thurz stays with the latest hats & kicks. I stay in thrift shops putting together $20 outfits & still walk the Red Carpet"

Throughout my recent ventures to find good new Hip-Hop this journey has some how lead me to music i would not normally listen too. Although i've opened my ears to Electro based Hip-Hop and them sick white boys from Seattle, i've recently came across a group that seems closer to the Hip-Hop i grew up on. I recently stumbled upon Inglewood based duo U-N-I, composed of rappers YO! and Thurz who complement each other's different styles by adding so many different elements of Hip-Hop. Coming from the land of Gangsta rap these two use sick kick drums with sped up melodies that break them out of Inglewood's notorious music mold. As a big "Kidz in the Hall" fan I see these guys developing towards that knowledge based fun lovin' Hip-Hop. There Mixtape was released a while ago but I couldn't ignore their single "Land of The Kings". Don't let the home town turn you off these guys are spitting legit rhymes that have nothing to do with bitches and hoes.

The main the reason for posting this now is the fact that they have a brand new mix tape coming out in less than a month. so heres a little preview of what you can expect from this smooth talking duo. "The Love Supreme 2.0" will be released at the end of Feb so look out for some sick Hip-Hop in 2010.

Land of the Kings-U-N-I

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