January 24, 2010

"Yeah, I'm here, Super duper dooder-cud"

I may not be the first to blog about Cudi, but I just can't get enough of the Kid from Cleveland. His stoner's anthem "Day N Night" blasted him into the mainstream music scene in 2008, and his debut CD, Man On The Moon: End of Day kept him in the limelight throughout 2009. Cudder is a knockout, on and off the stage...just ask the guy he punched out in Vancouver. Something about his causal, 'same jeans, same ol' converse' persona that makes him so contagious. Usually newcomers like Cudi have trouble keeping it fresh, but he's kept his momentum with a few cudderific tracks as of late. First up is 'cudderisback', a reminder to fans that he's not goin anywhere. The track has a steady flow and with Vampire Weekend on the hook, it's hard not to feel it. Next is "symphonies" by Dan Black feat Cudi. The song uses Rihanna's 'Umbrella' drum kick but transforms it into a soothing, 'nod your head' vibe. Enough said, I'll let that tracks do the talking... all you need to know is Kid Cudi isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Kid Cudi- Cudderishback ft. Vampire Weekend

Dan Black- Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi

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