February 28, 2010

Kid Cudi and Snoop Dogg doin work

A dirty new track has been leaked from Snoop Dogg’s new album Malice and Wonderland, which features Kid Cudi and production by Diplo. Kid Cudi has a fantastic hook and verse on this track, and the contrast between his voice and Snoop’s makes them both sound even better.
CD drops on March 23rd, look out.

That Tree – Snoop Dogg Feat. Kid Cudi

February 21, 2010

Started Rhymin' Just To Be Somebody, Found out that I Already Was

With Brother Ali's most recent CD release entitled "Us", came the single of the same name. The single delivers listeners with a feel good track that shows the realness of Brother Ali and the rest of Rhymesayers Entertainment. With some guest appearances from Rhymesayers label-mates the video for the single brings you through a journey of their unique creative process. Featuring a lot of live instruments and star DJ's such as Ant of Atmosphere, the video shows listeners why these guys just keep bumpin' out the tracks. The CD has a lot of great songs on it so go out and support Brother Ali

February 16, 2010

Stylo- Gorrillaz (ft Chiddy Bang and Mos Def)

"Very visionary, searching for the meaning like a dictionary"

Gotta get up early tomorrow but I couldn't go away for a few days without throwing down this track. We've posted some Chiddy Bang a while back, and they've been quiet for a bit so I was pumped to hear some new shit. Chiddy Bang and a bit of Mos def mixed up on a track from Gorillaz's upcoming project... that's a winning combination in my eyes.

Stylo- Gorillaz (feat Chiddy Bang and Mos Def)

No Recession In Progression

One of the best things to see in hip hop these days is classic samples that pay respect to notorious past music. This is best seen when the sample is taken from an entirely different genre of music, as it bring a whole new element into play. The track “I Wanna Rock” by Snoop Dogg that dropped on his latest album, malice and wonderland, does this perfectly as it samples Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s song, “it takes two”, a 90’s dance/funk song. If you don’t know “it takes two”, just listen it below and you’ll recognize it if you went anywhere that played dance music in the 90’s. It takes two even originally sampled Lyn Collins’ song “Think” (1972), which is an old soul/funk song; just to give you an idea how deep the roots are for this new song. Jay-Z and Ludacris just recently jumped on this track, making it instantly dirty, hova killing it right from the beginning.

Enough talk, hear this.

I Wanna Rock – Snoop Dogg Ft. Jay-Z, Ludacris

Sampled from Robe Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two

February 8, 2010

The Knux new mixtape

After I got turned onto the hiphop duo, The Knux, by my fellow blogger Stevied I couldn’t resist their new mixtape that has just come out. The aptly named F*ck You Ep just was released, surprisingly featuring a cover of the very unique song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap (featured on the OC). I bet nobody thought this track could turn into some legitimate hip hop except for The Knux, the original song is posted below too for comparisons sake. This EP also has “pop the cork,” a track heavily influenced by electronica music… a good thing in hip hop these days. Finally the last track I’m going to post off this 6 song ep is “Fruits.” A track containing level rap over a beat that sounds something similar to old school outkast,


Fruits (Ft Malbec) – The Knux

Pop the Cork – The Knux

Whatchu Say – The Knux

Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap (Song Whatchu Say is derived from)

February 6, 2010

Get the Factz on Mickey

“I’d like to think I’m everything that Afrika Bambaataa would’ve envisioned hip-hop to be in 2008, 2016, 2030.” – Mickey Factz, SPIN Magazine (May 2008)

I've been waiting a long time for Mickey Factz to release something new so that i can spit out a blog bout this kid. Proclaiming himself as the "Digital Messiah of music" Mickey's rap skills are just as dope as the electro beats he tends to flow over. Dark Phoenix #ALPHA is a little to artistic for my taste but the opening song "Sunrise" is lyrically superior to anything that has been released in a while. With its intense minute long intro thats sounds like i'm watching some avatar shit the track serves up emotionally driven verses over a sick dark beat. Mickey lets his emotions go over some sick Phoenix sampled tracks and then changes it up by spittin' some dope verses over an up and down bass driven beat for the song "Still I Rise". Overall i would suggest purchasing it in anticipation of Mickey releasing a legit CD. Like the majority of Mickey's music this CD is available for free via his myspace... http://www.myspace.com/itzmickey

Mickey Factz-Sunrise

Mickey Factz-Ashes

Mickey Factz-Still I Rise

February 3, 2010

Buy Domestic

Local Vancouver B.C. rapper Sonreal has dropped his second EP titled The Stroll. If you don't know who Sonreal is, he sums himself up pretty well in his verse in the track, Who am I.

"So people saying you the next best thing,
so where you headed with your music, to the table what you bring?"

"An alienated version of hiphop, melodically on point, an untightened slipknot. I change this whole game and it's frame and what you think and what you say, i just contradict it all homey this is just me"

A clean combination of hiphop with some acoustic undertones makes this album a smooth listen. Plus he creates and produces all his own records independently, and he's Canadian, what's not to like.

Lend your ears this way,

Solid acoustic hiphop:

Sonreal - Fast Forward Rewind

Sonreal - Don't Fall Asleep

Or for heavy beats:
Sonreal - Render your heart

February 1, 2010

New B.o.B. Mixtape

Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B. released his newest mixtape May 25th today. If the title seems weird, his album The Adventures of Bobby Ray drops May 25th.. get it?? Tricky eh? The mixtape is presented by The Affiliates, Grand Hustle, LRG, DJ Drama and DJ Sense so guess what that means.. we get to hear the DJ's yell their name over top of pretty much every song's intro! For me, nothing ruins a mixtape faster than hearing "DJ DRAMA.. drama.. drama.." at the start of every song, but I guess you can't complain too much about free music.

The mixtape itself is solid though.. overall I thought the songs produced by B.o.B. were the best ones on the release.

Narlens Stand Up, JayElectronica

Nas hit me up on the phone, said "What you waitin on?"
Tip hit me up with a twitt, said "What you waitin on?"
Diddy send a text every hour on the dot sayin "When you gon drop that verse nigga you taking long"

This sums up the hype surrounding rapper/producer Jay Electronica. With his obscure lyrical style, and his association with Nas, Tip, Diddy, Just Blaze, Mos Def, Talib Kwali and who knows who else, Je'Ri Allah has given the world of underground hip-hop a shake. Everyone from us bloggers to the big names in hip-hop are waiting on him to release his full length debut, but until then he's given us something to hold us off until the main course. With his percussive flow and crazy metaphors, Jay Elect can "make the devil hit his knees and say the Our Father". So, What the F*CK is Jay Electronica? Your about to find out:

First is Exhibit C, where he talks about his days of being homeless and riding the train stoned:

Next is "Suckas", where he uses a J Dilla beat and spits like a young nas, back when nas was hungry:

Grammy's 2010 - Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake, Travis Barker... no Kanye?

For anyone who watched the Drop the World/Forever performance at the Grammy's last night (I didn't see it live but I looked up the performances when I got in) and was disappointed with the fact that they censored the hell out of the every verse despite the fact that the artists were censoring themselves for the most part: Here's the uncensored version

No song is safe

Made up of Procrast and DJ Griffi, The White Panda has been making some decent mash ups lately. By taking some of the most popular recent music, cutting the vocals, and layering hip hop over top, they’ve come up with a real unique sound.

You can download The White Panda's new 33 song ep, Versus. It's for download for free on their site at www.thewhitepanda.com

Heres some of my favourite tracks from the new album

Throw Some Tik on that Tok - The White Panda

Stuntin' Like My Energy - The White Panda

Hot and Cold Rain – The White Panda