February 3, 2010

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Local Vancouver B.C. rapper Sonreal has dropped his second EP titled The Stroll. If you don't know who Sonreal is, he sums himself up pretty well in his verse in the track, Who am I.

"So people saying you the next best thing,
so where you headed with your music, to the table what you bring?"

"An alienated version of hiphop, melodically on point, an untightened slipknot. I change this whole game and it's frame and what you think and what you say, i just contradict it all homey this is just me"

A clean combination of hiphop with some acoustic undertones makes this album a smooth listen. Plus he creates and produces all his own records independently, and he's Canadian, what's not to like.

Lend your ears this way,

Solid acoustic hiphop:

Sonreal - Fast Forward Rewind

Sonreal - Don't Fall Asleep

Or for heavy beats:
Sonreal - Render your heart

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