March 24, 2010

Little bit of Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is an electro/indie/techno musician that drops some of the most unique beats that I've heard in a while. These beats hit hard and never get boring. There are so many variables and changes in his music you would think it would start to sound confused, but it works together so smoothly that you don't even notice. The first song I heard by him was The Rain and I instantly wanted more. The combination of different genres is so catchy but still so distinctive, go ahead and get addicted, its safe.

"These are the good times of your life, so put on a smile and it'll be alright"

This kind of music is going to be huge.

The Rain – Calvin Harris

Stars Come Out - Calvin Harris

You Used To Hold Me - Calvin Harris

Check out Deadmau5's spin on a Calvin Harris song,

I’m Not Alone – Calvin Harris (Deadmau5 remix)

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