March 22, 2010

More from Rhymesayers - Grieves

Rapper/Producer Grieves has been makin noise lately touring extensively on the Every Never is Now tour. The hype hasn't gone unnoticed, as he was picked up by the powerhouse indie hip-hop label, Rhymesayers. Following his debut album "Irreversible" in 2007, Grieves has collaborated with Cunninlynguists,Type, A.R.M., Looptroop Rockers, Brother Ali, Slug, Macklemore, P.O.S and others.

First up is two Cunninlynguists collabs, "Close Your Eyes" ft Geologic (Blue Scholars member) and Macklemore. The second and more recent collab is "Heat Stroke". To me, Grieves' educated yet relaxed flow fits in nicely with the underground vibe of the Cunninlynguists.

Close Your Eyes- Cunninlynguists ft Grieves, Geologic, Macklemore

Heat Stroke- Grieves ft. Cunninlynguists

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