March 1, 2010

Not A Tribe Called Just "Quest"

As my search for new hip-hop continues I recently found my self massively impressed by this rapper named Quest. Taking influence from the obvious source of A Tribe Quest ( hence the name), this kid recently put together a legitimate mix-tape offering you old school Tribe style with new school rap/electro mash ups. His most recent effort entitled "How Thoughtful" sees this 20 year old Rappin' over every thing from J Dilla, Lykke Li, Tribe, Snoop Dogg and even demolishing Lupe's recently leaked track "What you Want". With the bonus track "Letter to a broken mans heart" Quest does what i wished Lupe did to the "What you want" beat..RAP(this is not a Lupe chirp relax). With incredible flow he shows his versatility by rapping over Lykke Li's pop/electro track "love until we bleed, adding a ridiculous element of hip-hop to this already disgusting beat.

I'ma keep Quest in my back pocket and hope he finds a dope producer that allows him to jump head first into Hip-Hop

for more Quest check out his site where the "How Thoughtful Mix-Tape" is available for free

For now heres a taste:

Love Until We Bleed- Lykke Li feat Quest

Letter to a Mans Broken Heart- Quest

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