March 8, 2010

Party Beats - Gorillaz & Alex Metric

Alex Metric has been doing a stellar job at remixing some of the latest and greatest tracks, to turn them into large club beats that should be repeated multiple times at your local jams. Metric's latest work is on the Gorillaz's single, Stylo, which was just released off their new album, Plastic Beach. He effectively rebuilds this beat from a laid back feeling into something that could easily take control of a dance floor. I'm also going to include Alex Metric's older track, Deadly on a Mission. If you haven't heard it, go ahead and click play now, I’ve been consistently listening to this song for 3 months and it still hasn't gotten old. That’s gotta say something.

Enough with the talk.

Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)

Alex Metric – Deadly On A Mission

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