March 11, 2010

Peter, Bjorn and John styles

Feels like music lately has been heading towards using more electronic, indie sounds just like in those in last post. There are now many popular artists from different genres who have been embracing and using this kind of music style in their own tracks. One of my favourite examples of this is from Peter, Bjorn and John, whose music has been remixed and sampled countless times from all kinds of artists. Let’s Call It Off, one of PB & J’s earlier songs, has been reworked by the popular mash up DJ, Girl Talk, creating a nice electro-new wave sound with solid beat behind it. Taking that song from another angle, Drake also sampled the track back in his 09’ mixtape, So Far Gone, adding the light hip hop touch that this song needed.
Recycling is a good thing.

Let’s Call It Off – Drake (feat Peter, Bjorn and John)

Let’s Call It Off – Peter, Bjorn and John (Girl Talk Remix)

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