April 29, 2010

Marshall Mathers back on his grind

Eminem is back and focused. I'm glad he's gettin away from the accent rappin and celebrity bashin and goin back to his 'say it like it is with a chip on his shoulder' roots. He may have lost some loyal followers over the past couple years, but we all know everyone loves a comeback. He's tore apart every beat he's been on over the past couple months and its pretty clear he doesn't look to be slowing his pace. As a long-time eminem fan, I gotta say I like his direction. You be the judge:

First is his leadoff single off of Recovery, Eminem gives us an honest look at his career:

Not Afraid- Eminem

Next is a freestyle using Drakes "Over". I think we've heard the last of this beat thanks to eminem:

Despicable- Eminem

And last, for nostalgia's sake and in case you forgot what eminem can do:

Kill You- Eminem

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