April 22, 2010

Marv Ellis spittin some knowledge

First heard Marv Ellis a while back, but I finally got around to pickin up his latest record, Mental Picture Machine, and I'm glad i did. Sometimes he gets a little too experimental for my tastes, but a lot of the time he gets it just right. Still unsigned, everything you hear is self-produced by the MC out of Portland. Intelligent flow with a dope vocab--I guess hittin the library and stackin knowledge comes in handy, who'd a thunk it. He tends to keep his lyrics thought provoking and real, but once and a while he just spits, and I gotta say I'm a fan of both styles when it comes to Marv Ellis. He's often considered a 'spoken word' poet more than a rapper, but in my opinion, he's keepin it pretty hip-hop. Listen for yourself:

Check out his latest album, Mental Picture Machine. Here's a preview.

Broke People- Marv Ellis


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