April 18, 2010

Preview: B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

If you haven't noticed the Straight Goods staff tend to enjoy ourselves some Bobby Ray. With his CD coming out on May 25th, there has been no shortage of B.o.B Music as of late. Giving us a little taste of what we can expect Bobby hooks us a dope track featuring none other than Lupe Fiasco. the track "Past My Shades" supplies listeners with that classic Lupe flow that's been missing in his last couple releases, along with B.o.B's unbelievable hook making ability. The main thing about B.o.B is that he is a classically trained guitarist and pulls off some of the most random samples/ collaborations. The song "Airplanes" featuring Paramore's Hayley Williams is a combo between a punk rock singer and southern rapper but somehow turns out DOPE. The album version will feature Eminem which is damn intriguing.

The versatility of MR. Bobby Ray is ridiculous so i will definitely be purchasing my self a copy of his May 25th release

B.o.B-Past My Shades Feat Lupe Fiasco

B.o.B-Airplanes feat Hayley Williams of Paramore

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