May 10, 2010

Reinvention (of hiphop?)

Another addicting experimental hip-hop sound has appeared out of Drexel University, the same school that spawned indie hip-hop group, Chiddy Bang. Sampling tracks like Florence and the Machine's Swimming and Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks, it's good to see another group successfully blending the boundries of Hip Hop. This two piece producer/rapper combination has been obviously influenced by Chiddy, but they do have their own distinct style. DJ Entendu, one half of Reinvention, addressed the issue saying,

"Wait til the full mixtape drops, we got some shit on there that sounds nothing like [chiddy]. Think a B.I.G. beat but with samples from the Appleseed Cast. Or a chopped sample from Thrice’s Water EP with a electro beat. Yeah, were about to get eclectic on yo asses."

These are the first tracks off Reinvention's virgin mixtape thats soon to be released, A Rapper in Denial.

Forgot - Reinvention (Ft. Florence and the Machine)

Make It Easy - Reinvention (Ft. Grizzly Bear)

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