May 13, 2010

James Yuill - Folktronica??

London, Britain musician James Yuill has been one of my favourite non-hip hop artists over the past year, unfortunately his last album release was in 2008 so there was nothing to blog about. He has a new album that I'm pretty pumped for named Movement In A Storm that's scheduled to be released in a little over a month, on June 21st. Like a lot of the electronic music that I listen to these days, I have no idea what genre James Yuill's music falls into. After some internet research I saw that Yuill's music was referred to as 'Folktronica' by many people which makes sense I guess. His music is a fusion of acoustic guitar-based folk and touches of 80's style synth pop. That description may cause people to write of James Yuill as it sounds pretty ridiculous but trust me on this one, its insane what one guy can do with a laptop, mixers and an acoustic guitar. On some songs the acoustic, folk style music is much more prominent compared to other songs where the electronic side dominates. This diversity makes his music very interesting to listen to.
So far there are two leaks/singles for the upcoming album. Based on those two as a sample it seems that Yuill is focusing more on the electronic side of his music this time around compared to 2008's Turning Down Water for Air. I'm a fan of both songs but I hope he continues to incorporate the acoustic guitar into the rest of album because it makes his music much more unique.

James Yuill - On Your Own

James Yuill - Give You Away

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