May 24, 2010

Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2

My favorite part of new hip-hop is the extent of where the sample or influence come from; new acts like Marky are perfect examples of this. We first heard Marky on the remix of Aloe Black’s “I Need A Dollar” and I’m not gonna lie I thought this guy was just another rapper who happened to rip up a popular beat. With his second mix tape “Journey To Markyland: Rest Stop 2” this up and comer gives us a little insight into the path his career is on. I like to see the random samples that current rappers have been spittin’ over as of late. The song “Louis Squares” Featurins Nas’ beat from “Take it in Blood” showing a potential influence on Marky’s rapping style. But Marky doesn’t only feature classic Hip-Hop Beats but he also delivers us an electro styled track that have become the common trend among rappers today. Seeing all these different influences apparent in current rap gives me hope for the future of Hip-Hop, us classic Hip-Hop fans just need to adapt to what’s happening to rap now a days. Lastly the track “Run On” features a Johnny Cash Sample that Marky rips, showing the versatility of this DC native.

Marky- Louis Squares

Marky- I'll Get You featuring Classixx

Marky- Run On

Nas- Take it in Blood

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