May 24, 2010

Reflection Eternal Back in Action... New CD Revolutions Per Minute

Legendary duo Reflection Eternal are back in action after a ten year hiatus and I am pumped to see Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek back together. I bought the first Reflection Eternal CD in the 10th grade and loved the shit out of it, I can only hope i enjoy the groups second effort "Revolutions Per Minute" just as much. I personally like to listen to a CD like this a lot in order to properly judge the overall quality. So far I have already written about the song “Just Begun” in my J.Cole post, which establishes a sick connection between new and old school as the track features the old school flow of Mos Def and Talib while presenting newer artists Jay Electronica and J.Cole who were most likely influenced by the original Reflection Eternal CD. I get the same classic feel from this CD as I did from the original. Tracks like “Ballad of the Black Gold” give us the same politically motivated lyrics that we’re used to from Kweli but I feel like Hi-Tek’s production has an added element that we haven’t really seen before. The song “Get Loose” featuring Chester French gives us a catchier beat, which gives me an excuse to throw some Reflection Eternal on at Parties. I really wanna give Straight Goods Readers a good idea of what to expect from the CD as I grew up such a large Kweli fan. A lot of tracks on this CD feel like they were released in the 90’s which is refreshing in today’s much different Hip-Hop sound. The Track “Back Again” lets Reflection Eternal fans know that this Classic Hip-Hop sound that we all knew and loved is still alive.

Reflection Eternal-Back Again Featuring Res

Reflection Eternal-Ballad of the Black Gold

Reflection Eternal- Get Loose Featuring Chester French

If you are a true Reflection Eternal fan go purchase the album on Itunes

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