May 26, 2010

Spit Syndicate - Exile

Usually when I hear some new Austrailian Hip Hop it comes from the beach, but recently some amazing music from down south has floated itself across my desk from a duo called Spit Syndicate. They just dropped their sophomore album on May 14 and it is a must hear, and I mean the whole thing. Well thought out rhymes and smooth flows keep you listening but it's really the production on the tracks that takes their sound to the next level. Delicate grooves, a ton of live instruments and fresh drums is exactly what you expect from Horrorshow producer Adit, who handled most of the production on the album. He wasn't alone though as he had help from a gang of well known producers including the always solid M-Phazes, JSquared, and Cam Bluff. Vocals are spit by rappers Just Enuf and Nick Lupi, who get some backup from SS’s One Day family; Solo (MC from Horrorshow), Joyride (Spit Syndicate’s DJ) and also from Sarah Corry who lends some haunting vocals to Exile.

It took me so long to decide what songs to post off this album because every song hits me in its own unique way and I want you to hear them all, so listen to these four then...

Stream a few more off their myspace
And then when your fully hooked Buy it here, its worth getting the whole thing 100%

Starry Eyed - Spit Syndicate

Contour Lines (Feat. Solo) - Spit Syndicate

Can't Go Home (Feat. Sarah Corry) - Spit Syndicate

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