June 29, 2010

Album Review: The Roots - How I Got Over

It’s been a pretty rough few months for Straight Goods ever since school ended for the year. Apparently having a job takes up a lot more of your time than not going to class or reading. It feels nice to actually have money going into the bank account instead of the steady outflow of cash that goes on during the school year though so no complaints here. Anyways, I’ve been sitting on a whole bunch of stuff that every time it plays on my Ipod I make a mental note to write a blog on it and never get around to it. I’m hopefully going to post it all over the next few days. It might not be brand new but this site isn’t exactly CNN breaking news. Anyways… the review:

The Roots’s 9th studio album How I Got Over was released on June 22nd on Def Jam Records and was sixth in US record sales after the first week with 49,320 albums sold. The album features The Roots’ signature live-ish sound which is a breath of fresh air. Its nice to here a beat that actually sounds like it was played on a real drum set, which gives it a way more natural feel. In typical Roots form, the album reaches into Jazz, Funk, Soul and Rock for influences and comes out with some unreal production. In terms of lyrical content, How I Got Over is pretty heavy. Politics, religion society and other topics are all covered and society’s shortcomings are criticized however that doesn’t mean that the album has a brooding feel to it. The album has slower, down to earth songs alongside funk-flavoured, upbeat songs which keeps you interested from track 1 to 14 (including bonus songs). Anyways, my favourite songs so far are The Day, The Fire, and Dear God 2.0 which are below for your listening/downloading pleasure. I’m not going to give the album a rating because I hate those things so all I’m going to say is if you like real hip hop, get this album, It’ll for sure be one of the top albums of 2010.

Dear God 2.0 ft. Monsters of Folk

The Fire ft. John Legend

The Day ft. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash

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