June 3, 2010

Easy Cali Listenin with The Freshmen

As I continue my search through blog’s and myspace I have come to the realization that the WWW world has made it much easier for up and coming artists to start up and test the waters of the music industry. I recently stumbled upon California Rap group “The Freshmen” and was instantly hooked on their sound. With the ability to distribute music to vast amounts of people for free groups like The Freshmen have begun to utilize the fact that they don’t need to release full CD’s to get a following. The group only has two songs released right now but seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Composed of rappers A Wolf and Kristo along with composer/producer THX the groups freshmen (no pun intended) tracks “Dreamin California” and “Hello There” let us know that The Freshmen are to legit to quit. There is an abundance of white rappers coming out now a’days but as a fellow suburban gangster you can’t hate on the white boys with nasty flow.

The Tracks are available on the group’s site http://www.gofreshmen.com/index.html for FREE… check em’ out

Hello There- The Freshmen

Dreamin California- The Freshmen

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