June 29, 2010

Mixtape: Symmetry & Ryan Lewis

This one probably takes the award for most delayed blog in Straight Goods Music’s lengthy history (that’s right, all 7 months of our existence). I was first introduced to Ryan Lewis through his collaboration with Macklemore on The Vs. EP where he completely blew my mind. Beats like Kings, Crew Cuts and Life Is a Cinema were like a game for me as I tried to figure out the samples that Lewis used. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m almost jealous of you for getting to find The Vs. EP for the first time. You can grab it on his myspace here. Earlier this year Ryan Lewis released another vs. style mixtape, this time featuring Rhode Island MC Symmetry. The EP is simply titled Symmetry and Ryan Lewis and its described on their myspace like this:
The duo has somehow managed to evoke just about every decade of popular music, coating each audible memory into a hyper-real representation of an era that never existed, a pastiche of allusions to the roaring 30s, the rock of the 60s and 70s, and the alternative revolution of the early 90s, all accomplished while remaining firmly rooted in the sonics of modern hip hop
. I’m not going to google pastiche and pretend like I have any idea what that word means but what I thought when I read that was “sounds f*ckin awesome.’ Not surprisingly it is, at least in my opinion. Before you listen to the EP make sure you remind yourself that this is NOT The Vs. EP and Symmetry is not Macklemore. This mixtape has a different feel from what RL did with Macklemore since Symmetry doesn’t cover the weighty topics that Macklemore does. It is a bit more experimental and upbeat but still features the Ryan Lewis bangers that I’ve come to expect. Listen to the songs below, download the mixtape from their myspace here and put it on your Ipod/computer. Let it grow on you, it took me a couple listens.

Symmetry & Ryan Lewis - Pardon Me

Symmetry & Ryan Lewis - Make Me Yours

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