June 11, 2010

Pushing Indie Hip Hop - Hoodie Allen

Lately in the world of hiphop there have been a bunch of newcomers who have been workin' hard to push the boundries, breaking away from classic hiphop. Hoodie Allen is the latest duo I have come across to do this successfully, with indie samples and electronic beats, they cross genres of music with no issues at all. Made up of Steve Witz on words and Obey City on beats they create that fresh sound everyone has been looking for. They just leaked a track from their upcoming July 2010 mixtape entitled "The Diamond Cuts" which features all Marina & The Diamonds samples from her last album "The Family Jewels". Listen to that track, plus an old banger by Hoodie below.
Put this on at the next party you go to, cause this is summertime musics.

You Are Not A Robot - Hoodie Allen (Marina and the Diamonds Sample)

Turn The City Around - Hoodie Allen

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