June 20, 2010

We're Goin Down With QuESt

A couple months ago I wrote about a rapper named QuESt, the guy seemed heavily influenced by rap like A Tribe Called Quest and Nas but also threw in some new school influences… which intrigued the shit out of me. With new school samples from Jay Electronica to Lykke Li to Lupe the man obviously has sick taste in music. I’ve recently spent the last 2 months trapped in a work van with fellow Straight Goods blogger Stevie D, through this time I’ve come accustomed to the popular tunes that rip up the air waves. One of the tracks that I turn up the volume knob for is that catchy ass One Republic song "All The Right Moves". With QuEst’s nasty flow on the track along with adding some dirty Hip-Hop drum beats he absolutely murder’s the song. More and more rappers have been spittin’ over popular radio tunes which I’m not gonna lie… I enjoy thoroughly, so put “We’re Goin Down” on the party mix and let the broads and bros enjoy.

We’re Goin Down- QuESt

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