July 24, 2010

Bang Bang Bang... Mark Ronson Feat Q-Tip

DJ/ producer Mark Ronson delivers us a dirty electro beat while Q-Tip blesses the song with his chameleon like flow. Im confident that Q-Tip could rap over any thing, but I especially love it when he spits over some crazy unique beat like Bang Bang Bang. This isn't a new thing though, Tip has been rhyming over unique beats his whole career and is not scared to test the water within electro influences. A while Back I Came across another electro track featuring a Q-Tip verse from Canadian DJ Tor, which simply puts Q-Tips flow on a pedestal. Hearing Tip rap on an electro beat just makes current trends in Hip-Hop more legit and promotes mad genre mixing...enjoy

Bang Bang Bang- Mark Ronson featuring Q-Tip

CN Tower Can Work It Out-Tor

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