July 23, 2010

Marky, next to take on bulletproof

Quick post before I head into the madness of the Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival, its more fun than the name sounds and has nothing to do with jazz, at least for anybody under the age of 40. Marky's final mixtape before his album. Stevie D posted Rest Stop 2 when it came out, I'll for sure be posting Rest Stop 3 when it comes out on the 27th, for now check out the second leaked track where Marky is the three millionth person to use La Roux's hit Bulletproof. I kind of wish he's chosen a different La Roux song to sample/rap over because honestly I'm getting pretty sick of Bulletproof ever since it hit the radio but still, he does it pretty sick.

Marky - Bulletproof ft. La Roux

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