July 19, 2010

New song off Legend of Mr. Rager - Erase Me ft. Kanye West

Lived the savage life this weekend, passing out in my friend's laundry room and such. Came back to civilization to find that Kid Cudi has released a song off his upcoming album Man on the Moon II - The Legend of Mr. Rager over the weekend. It features Kanye West and is called Erase Me. Also, if you missed it, Converse released a collaboration track featuring Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij and Bethany Contentino. I had no idea who the other two people were before this song, Batman (I'm probably the first one to call him that) is the lead singer for Vampire Weekend which is pretty cool. Apparently he wrote the song. Contentino is from the band Best Coast which I'd never heard of before, I listened to a bit of their stuff, not a fan but whatever... the collab is a cool song.
I'm not sure about Erase Me, it seems like Kanye is back on his game after his 808's and Heartbreaks trip. I like it more when Cudi raps rather than sings but songs like this one tend to grow on me.

Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij & Bethany Contentino - All Summer

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West - Erase Me

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