July 5, 2010

SonReal - Light Year Mixtape

A few months ago I posted a teaser video to Vernon, BC MC SonReal's Light Year Mixtape which dropped this past Friday for free download, just a day after Canada's 143rd birthday. In my opinion SonReal is one of the best hip hop acts in Canada. He has sick flow, can carry a solid melody, has great taste in production and covers a variety of topics lyrically. After giving the Light Year Mixtape my first listen the thought that keeps coming into my head is that if this thing wasn't free and it didn't use a few pre-existing beats, it could be an album. The pre-used beats that he uses include David Guetta and Cudi's Memories, B.o.B.'s Nothin on You and Snoop Dog's Imagine, all of which he tears up. So much quality material from start to end is not something you usually find in a free release. SonReal described it as a gift to his fans... generous guy. How do we get these good Canadian acts some exposure? I don't even want to say that radio should pick it up because I don't know of a station in Toronto that his music would fit in with, nobody is playing hip hop. Anyways, try out the songs below, if you like what you hear download the mixtape here

SonReal - Here We Are ft. Jaykin

SonReal - Mr. Nothing

SonReal - Victim Teen

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