July 3, 2010

XV, Vizzy, or The Kid With The Green Backpack

Credit to chode in the dropbox for talkin about XV, a rising hiphop artist who just narrowly missed the XXL freshmen 10 list this year. This kids been everywhere lately, with Chiddy, with Nicklus F on a track with a mean pink floyd sample, with Big Sean and more. His newest mixtape, vizzy vizzy vizzy, was supposed to come out in march but it's been getting pushed back further and further.I originally heard of XV in a couple of collabs but haven't gave him a full listen till now. I'm glad i did because i've been mad impressed by his music and the judge and I haven't been able stop talkin about him. This kids looking to be dope, and he takes on some nice beats. Listen below and wait for that mixtape to drop.

T.A.L.K - XV

Fall Out The Sky - XV

Never - Chiddy Bang (Feat XV & Killa Mike)

Shine On - Nickelus F (Feat XV)

1 comment:

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