August 30, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure - Classified

After a long hiatus from posting, Surebuds is back in action, better than ever to provide your ears with some more musical entertainment. There’s been a lot keeping me busy lately, one of them being this new video series that classified has released that’s set up like one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books that everyone loved back in the 90’s. Complete with old school Super Mario borders these interactive videos are irresistible, you can choose classified’s pathway through a night in his life that’s packed with rap like a musical... that’s actually good.

This is free from classifieds website and is based off the interludes from his album that was just released, titled Self Explanatory. This will keep you entertained for a while if you’re feeling it, and in my opinion it’s a pretty dope night no matter what you do with classified. See the intro below.

The Intro - Classified (Choose your own adventure)

August 23, 2010

Youngen with nasty flow... Mac Miller

Shouts out to Woodrow and Gome Lord for gettin' me hooked on this kid. Mac Miller is an 18 year old high-school student who spits a nasty verse. Flowing over 90's feelin' beats this kid is pure fire. I've been bumpin' "Nikes On My Feet" on repeat for days and have just been jammin' to this sick beat. Featuring a classic Nas sample from "The World Is Yours" I feel like Mac Miller released this song 10 years ago. To Match his unique old-school feel Mac Gives us a "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza" which is just pure cruisin' music. This Pittsburgh kid has mad potential but for now im gonna bump K.I.D.S mixtape till my ears bleed.

Nikes On My Feet- Mac Miller

Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza- Mac Miller

All I Want Is You-Mac Miller

August 19, 2010

Glitch Mob & La Roux

I swore to myself a little while ago that I wouldn't listen to another remix of La Roux's debut album... I relapsed. I don't understand what it is about her voice but it fully grabs my attention every time. Glitch Mob turns In For The Kill into this awesome, brooding trip that is honestly better than any La Roux mix I've heard. I might be a bit too pumped about it right now since I just found it and listened to it several times in a row but whatever. Glitch Mob just released a mixtape of remixes including this one which I downloaded and unfortunately comes as a half hour of continuous play instead of individual tracks. I don't understand why they did this but it seriously hurts the odds of me listening to any of it. Oh well

August 16, 2010

k-os + Phantogram

Phantogram is one of those artists whose music always makes me say to myself "somebody needs to find a way to rap over this." Leave it to k-os, the trendsetting, veteran Canadian MC to fulfill my wishes and use my favourite Phantogram song Mouthful of Diamonds on his latest release. Just under a week ago k-os dropped the Anchorman Mixtape which has me going from Wale's More About Nothing featuring quotes from Seinfeld to k-os' mixtape which starts every song with a quote from Anchorman. k-os is an unreal musician and his work on the Anchorman Mixtape is no exception. Check out I Wish I Could Believe (which uses Mouthful of Diamonds) and Beauty is a Loaded Gun. If you like what you hear, grab the full mixtape here.

k-os - I Wish I Could Believe

k-os - Beauty is a Loaded Gun

More From Mark Ronson & The Business International

Mark Ronson has been entertaining the shit out of me as of late and he doesnt seem to be stoppin' any time soon. "Lose It (in the end)" features the always classic Ghostface Killah along side a sick b boy beat. The beat is absolutely addicting and Ghostfaces' flow accompanies it perfectly... Enjoy

Mark Ronson & The Business International Feat Ghostface Killah- Lose it (In the end)

August 15, 2010

J.Cole Man On A Mission

J.Cole is getting out of control with the amount of sick music he has been releasing as of late. I recently introduced Straight Goods viewers into "Premeditated Murder" but Cole has not stopped there. Cole lets fans know that isn't he going nowhere with the track "Blow up", in which he proclaims is inevitably successful future in Hip-Hop. from a classic hip-hop fans perspective J.Cole is the realest thing to come out of Hip-Hop for a while, forcing me to explode with excitement for his upcoming album. Along with "Blow Up", the track "Bun B for President" has surfaced giving us more of Cole's always smooth flow. Cole apparently sent the song to Bun B for his upcoming album but Bun thought it was too sick to be a featured song for Cole and not a single, therefore the song is left unfinished... for now

J.Cole-Blow up

J.Cole- Bun B For President

New Cool Kids From Mickey Rocks

I've always been a big Cool Kids fan but have always enjoyed Mikey Rocks' flow the best of the duo. In an attempted solo mission Mickey has given us "The Deal Went Sour". The beat for this track is a little more chill than normal cool kids beats but i like the classic hip-hop feel it delivers. nice slow riding music for the end of summer why not?

Mikey Rocks- The Deal Went Sour

August 5, 2010

Wale - More About Nothing Mixtape

Two days ago Wale released the follow-up mixtape to 2008's Mixtape About Nothing. Wale has joined my list of MC's who I think make better material on their mixtapes than they do on their albums. Also on the list: B.o.B., Wiz Khalifa, Drake... etc. More About Nothing is a sweet mixtape and has a lot of lines that actually made me laugh out loud when I first heard them. Throughout the mixtape Wale sprinkles in random quotes from Seinfeld that are pretty funny and fit the songs perfectly. The one thing that has always confused me a little bit about Wale is his choice of artists to collaborate with. Waka Flocka and Black Cobain? Really?? I don't know, they just don't seem to mesh with Wale's flow/content to me. Anyways, check out the songs if you're not familiar with Wale's stuff (where have you been?)

August 2, 2010

Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son of Chico Dusty

I'm peacin' out of the real world for a couple of days and thought it would only be fair to drop something before my departure. Growing up i was a huge Outkast fan and have recently been introduced to Big Boi's newest solo effort entitled "Sir Luscious Left Foot...The Son of Chico Dusty". The CD features a track called "Tangerine" featuring T.I and is simply ridiculous. I dont wanna compare it to anything but have faith in Big Boi's always classic flow to entertain you. Incase you don't like the new school feel of "Tangerine" you can jam out to "Daddy Fat Sax", which supplies that hype Outkast feel we've been missin'. I dont wanna ruin the CD so go ahead and invest in Sir Luscious

Big Boi- Daddy Fat Sax

Big Boi Featuring T.I- Tangerine