August 30, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure - Classified

After a long hiatus from posting, Surebuds is back in action, better than ever to provide your ears with some more musical entertainment. There’s been a lot keeping me busy lately, one of them being this new video series that classified has released that’s set up like one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books that everyone loved back in the 90’s. Complete with old school Super Mario borders these interactive videos are irresistible, you can choose classified’s pathway through a night in his life that’s packed with rap like a musical... that’s actually good.

This is free from classifieds website and is based off the interludes from his album that was just released, titled Self Explanatory. This will keep you entertained for a while if you’re feeling it, and in my opinion it’s a pretty dope night no matter what you do with classified. See the intro below.

The Intro - Classified (Choose your own adventure)

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