August 5, 2010

Wale - More About Nothing Mixtape

Two days ago Wale released the follow-up mixtape to 2008's Mixtape About Nothing. Wale has joined my list of MC's who I think make better material on their mixtapes than they do on their albums. Also on the list: B.o.B., Wiz Khalifa, Drake... etc. More About Nothing is a sweet mixtape and has a lot of lines that actually made me laugh out loud when I first heard them. Throughout the mixtape Wale sprinkles in random quotes from Seinfeld that are pretty funny and fit the songs perfectly. The one thing that has always confused me a little bit about Wale is his choice of artists to collaborate with. Waka Flocka and Black Cobain? Really?? I don't know, they just don't seem to mesh with Wale's flow/content to me. Anyways, check out the songs if you're not familiar with Wale's stuff (where have you been?)

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