September 12, 2010

Hip-Hop new comer: Voli

during my on going search for new music i have stumbled upon hip-hop newcomer Voli. I like his style, with a hard flow assisted by chilled out instrumentals. his debut mixtape "Glass Doors" features beats from Elite, Omen, J.Cole and some done by himself. My favorite track on the tape is "Tripwire" featuring Aliah Sheffield. The song puts Voli's smooth flow on display accompanying it with a sick chilled out beat. If you wanna hear Voli spit some nasty on a track i would suggest Solitary confinement but the mixtape as a whole is pretty dope. I look forward to more Voli in the future, so enjoy this till then

Tripwire- Voli featuring Aliah Sheffield

Deja Vu- Voli

Solitary Confinement- Voli

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