September 21, 2010

Hoodie Allen - Pep Rally

Hoodie Allen dropped their new mixtape today titled Pep Rally which has 11 new tracks from the duo free for you to download. This mixtape features hip hop with more of a pop influence this time, all over top of a number of samples taken from every corner in the current music scene. The songs are upbeat and fast paced which could come off as too much to some listeners that aren't familiar with that type of hip hop. The style is catchy once you get it in you though, just look how fast chiddy bang blew up in the same genre. They find their best balance when they slow it down a bit though i find, as some of nicely placed indie samples time the beat enough for them to stay in control. Hoodie definitely has a style that their trying to staple down in the industry. Download the entire mixtape from Hoodie Allen for free here

Joy & Misery - Hoodie Allen (Sample: Florence and the Machine's cover of Hospital Beds)

Words of Wisdom - Hoodie Allen (Sample: Two Door Cinema Club's Undercover Martyn)

Tighten Up - Hoodie Allen (Sample: The Black Key's Tighten Up)

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