September 8, 2010

To All My Friends - The Atmosphere Ep's

The legendary duo that makes up Atmosphere, Slug and Ant, have just released their newest project today in promotion of their tour with Grieves & Budo, Blueprint, and DJ Rare Groove, which starts tomorrow. This is actually two CD's that have been compressed into one, titled Too All My Friends/Blood Makes the Blade Holy. The production in these tracks stays with the relaxed, easy going, natural style that really makes Slug's voice stand out in comparison. This man could captivate any room with his stories, which may be because of the fact that they can be related to by just about anyone because of the variety of viewpoints he comes from. So do what Slug wants you to do, sit back, reflect and listen.

Freefallin - Atmosphere

The Number None - Atmosphere

The Loser Wins - Atmosphere

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