September 29, 2010

Weezy... from past to present

So Lil Wayne's album dropped a couple days ago, on his birthday...while locked up behind bars. Tupac released a record while incarcerated, and it worked for him. I Am Not a Human Being remains iTunes top-selling record and it will likely remain that way for days to come. Despite being a pretty big weezy fan, my expectations weren't through the roof for this album. However, there are bound to be a couple tracks to get me by until the Carter IV...which Wayne promised he was starting from scratch once he was out of the pen. So here a couple tracks that got my attention:

Lil Wayne- Bill Gates

Lil Wayne- With You

If your like a lot of people I know, you can't stand Lil Wayne and your sick of all the hype. Here is my attempt to change your mind with some older tracks that prove the man is where he is for a reason. Give em a chance...

Lil Wayne- BM Jr.

Lil Wayne- I'm Me

Lil Wayne- Upgrade U

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