October 10, 2010

Bruno Mars Defines My Saturday: : The Lazy Song

"Loungin' on the couch just chillen in my snuggie click to MTV so they can teach me how to Dougie"

With a dope voice and abnormally entertaining lyrics this Bruno Mars character continuously entertains the hell out of my ears. He's got pretty dope steez and apparently doesn't give a shit what people think. Pretty sure he got caught doing coke...i dont really care and i saw him on Saturday Night Live last night so apparently he doesn't either. This song is catchy as hell and has fully promoted me to abandon my studies/ any thing else i was supposed to do this weekend... take a mental health break and enjoy this track

Shouts out to Chong Mayer for this Saturday afternoon soundtrack

The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars

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  1. It's REALLY cool but his music vidio for it is crap