October 11, 2010

Flight Facilities - "Crave You"

Flight Facilities is an Indie DJ duo who does their best to stay anonymous, and they do it well. I couldn't find one legitimate source with their real information, just a bunch of comments and blogs saying different things. Flight Facilities states on their myspace/facebook that they're out of Trinidad and Tobago, when they are really from Australia, where they just finished their premier tour. All these guys want to do is make music and its good to finally see a group that actually doesn't care about anything but.

Even though they're being as sneaky as possible, their song Crave You is already getting some buzz and people are starting to ask questions. This song can be played over again and again and will never get old, trust me thats from experience.

Flight Facilities - Crave You (Ft Giselle)

In one of their earlier sets they did a rework of Bag Raider's club track Turbo Love, and take it in a totally different direction. It takes a good ear to be able to hear the connection between the two different genres, and I think it transfers over perfectly for them. So Classy.

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love

Bag Raiders (Flight Facilities Ft. Louie Austen)- Turbo Love (Business Class Version)

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