October 23, 2010

Introducing: Rockwell Knuckles- Bouncing

Don't really know how this Rockwell Knuckles character is but during one of my many study breaks I stumbled on the track "bouncing" featuring Tef Poe and Theresa Payne. Both Rockwell and Tef Poe are the type of rappers that i usually shy away from but this song has a got a dope beat that both their flows complements. I always feel like Southern flow is something you either hate or love but recently artists like J.Cole and other so called "Trill" (what ever the hell that is) artists have been bridging the gap and making their rap style more comparable to none southern artists.

The Smoking Section seems to love this man so i'm gonna jump on the band wagon and throw him on my lengthy artists to watch list.

Rockwell Knuckles- Bouncing Featuring Tef Poe and Theresa Payne

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