October 20, 2010

Rai Knight - New New

One of the most addicting songs I've heard lately comes from eclectic pop singer Rai Knight. I'm finding that I like beats that include more instruments than synth lately and with horns, piano, and real percussion on her song New New, she's hard to ignore... and turn off. Rai Knight, and her genre "triphop," are both just starting to become popular and its definitely worth it to give them a listen while they're still young. New New has actually already been scooped up by Pepsi for use a future commercial so it's not too long now for Rai. Check New New in song and video format below, she's got great girlstyle.

New New - Rai Knight

But if this is still a little too soft for your tastes then check out Pat-Lee's remix of the song. Coming out of Birmingham, Alabama this 20 year old has great flow to match the style of this song, dropping a dope verse to start it off. Plus he respects the sample and adds too the song, he's not trying to take it over. Check out more of him on his myspace here

New New (Pat-Lee Remix) - Rai Knight

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