October 10, 2010

Some Nice Hip-Hop...Bop Alloy and E.Dubble

Too much book learnin' as of late has forced Straight Goods staff to read/write some shit unrelated to music , which is no where near as entertaining. Unfortunately i've been forced to pass up blogging some music i've had stashed away for a rainy day.

First and most importantly is Substantial and Marcus D who in combination become the duo "Bop Alloy". Marcus D makes some crazy jazz influenced beats which sound like they've been sampled from a wedding reception but sound awesome with substantial rappin' over them. I feel like if rap came out during the days of Lionel Richie this is what would have happened... and i like it

Chillaxation- Bop Alloy

Jazzmatic- Bop Alloy

Secondly is E-Dubbles track "Get On Board". The track is uplifting and E-Dubbles flow sounds great on the uniquely spun sample. i've never heard of this E-Dubble character but he kinda reminds me of Sage Francis minus the crazy... He's got mad potential is what i'm trying to say. apparently he does a freestyle friday (This being number 37) so i guess i now get new E-Dubble and Kanye tracks every friday...Dope

Get On Board- E.Dubble

Shouts out to hillydilly.com for being awesome

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