October 7, 2010

Straight Goods Music Delivery

School is now in full swing which means that its time for me to procrastinate by doing all the stuff i've been putting off for weeks like laundry... and blogging. Its been a minute since I felt like I had anything solid to post, all of a sudden I have too much. I've got a few songs I want to share and I know I'm never going to get around to writing an individual blog for each of them so I'll just drop them all here.

1st up: This is a song I just stumbled onto on Hypem. Home Video are a two-piece band originally out of New Orleans, now residing in Brooklyn NY. They've got an album coming out in November and this song, which makes my ears ridiculously happy, is going to be on it.

Home Video - The Smoke

Zion I, who have been posted on SG once or twice before are coming out with a new album (Atomic Clock) in a few months and this is the first song released from it. Zion I are always doing something original thanks to AmpLive's awesome production and this song is no exception. Get pumped for the album drop

Zion I - Many Styles ft. Rebelution

Finally, This last one is from Toronto's own Bedouin Soundclash. Their sound was pretty unique when they first shot onto the scene but it got old for me and i quickly lost interest. Brutal Hearts is off of their recent release and features vocals from Coeur de Pirate. I have no idea who Coeur de Pirate is but I'd like to marry her voice because it makes this song. I'm getting rushed and doing a brutal job of explaining this song so I'll just stop now and post it...

Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts ft. Coeur de Pirate

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