November 14, 2010

Black Keys vs. Big Boi & a sick Tracy Chapman sample

Just stumbled onto an unreal mashup of Tighten Up by the Black Keys, who's music I've already expressed my appreciation for, and Shutterbugg off Outkast Alumni Big Boi's latest offering. I'm not usually a huge fan of the mashup fad but I can't deny, when its done right with songs that I like it can be magic. In my opinion this is the case with this mashup by Wick-It who I've never heard of before, wicked name though (hahaha?? yeah you get it).

Black Keys vs. Big Boi - Black Bug (Wick-It remix)

This next one has been on heavy rotation in the Straight Goods household for the past couple weeks, mostly thanks to the awesomeness of the sample. Tracy Chapman's Give Me One Reason has that timeless classic feel to it and you could easily have convinced me that it was recorded decades ago if I didn't know better. Ground Up, a three-piece Hip Hop group out of North Philly that has been around for a couple years now took the sample, slowed it down a little which makes Tracy sound like a man and spit over it. Lyrically, the song doesn't blow anybody out of the water but the song as a whole is a gem, listen below.

Ground Up - Turn Around

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